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Both mobile and modular are constructed in the same strict controlled factory environment and may look identical in many instances. When looking at the construction of the homes, they both utilize in most cases the same quality construction materials and craftsmanship. A manufactured home is built to comply with the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD Code), whereas a modular home in Florida is built in accordance with the Florida State Building Codes. (DCA Code). Both types of homes are of superb quality and construction.

What is a

A manufactured home, many times referred to as a mobile home, is built in accordance with federal building code and guidelines set by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, better known as (HUD).
Manufactured homes can be found within communities that were specifically developed for this type of housing. However, in many parts of Florida, where in some area’s communities may be limited, you will find a large selection of building lots that are zoned for manufactured homes. A manufactured home can be designed and usually be ordered and ready in approximately 6-8 weeks. Additional time may be required for custom design work.

What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is still constructed in a factory controlled environment and is built in accordance with the Florida State Building Code, and is governed by The Department of Community Affairs or (DCA) the same building codes that govern a traditional site-built home. Modular homes present numerous advantages and can be constructed in many cases on any residential lot that is not deed restricted. Modular homes in many cases can qualify for the same conventional mortgage loans and insurance rates as site built homes.
Modular homes are constructed in a manufacturing facility and then transported to the home site. Our manufacturers use up to 15% more lumber in their modular construction which is typically more than a site-built home thus, adding structural integrity to the structure of the home. A Modular Home can be constructed and set in 2 different manors. One can be built and remain on the metal frame and the other will be installed on a permanent foundation. A permanent foundation is engineered and is like that of a crawl space. It can be constructed in one of two ways, by either masonry concrete block or poured in place concrete. Either is acceptable and provides superior structural integrity.

Time to be Built?

A modular home can usually be designed, ordered and ready in approximately 10 -12 weeks. Our manufacturers also offer two story Modular homes as well as stilt homes. Additional time may be required for custom design work.

Cost Savings

On average a modular home will cost approximately 25% or 30% less than a conventional site built home. These cost savings stem from the advantages of factory built housing. Materials are purchased in bulk, rather than per home, thus the material cost run less. When a modular home is build inside a factory using assembly line construction methods there are no weather delays and this greatly reduces labor cost.

Time Savings

Factory modular build homes can be constructed in a much shorter time frame than a conventional site built home. After the engineering plans have been approved and the home is scheduled for production it only takes a couple of weeks for the home to be ready to deliver to the site location. Simultaneously, while the engineering and the home construction is taking place, the developer or home owner can be doing the site preparations. In comparison a conventional site built home could not begin until the site preparation is completed, adding to the time frame of completion. Additionally, a modular home is inspected numerous times during the factory production stage and is 80% complete when it arrives on site, reducing time delays for onsite inspections.

Controlled Environment

A modular home is constructed inside a factory controlled environment. The home and building materials are safely protected inside, not subject to rain and wind. Throughout the years site builders have struggled with effects of mother-nature; moisture saturated lumber, drywall, insulation, and doors. This can result in damaged building products such as warped lumber.

Resale Value

Modular homes normally increase in value over time. Once they are completed it hard to tell the difference between a conventionally built home and a modular home.


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