Types of Home Loans

There are numerous ways to finance your new dream home.

-You have the Government backed “Construction Loans”: i.e., FHA, VA, USDA, Which have different down payments and benefits. Credits score and debt guidelines are followed more carefully. Closing takes 45-60 days. (As low as -0- down)

-You have Land Home Loans which are conventional “Construction Loans” which can include the property of interest and development costs. Closing takes 45-60 days. (as low as 5% down)

-There are also Construction Loans in which you can use your property as your down payment sometimes known as “Land in Lieu Loans”. It can be property that is paid for or has enough equity to be used for a down payment. In MANY circumstances depending on the property’s value you may be able to get financing with ZERO out of pocket expenses! Closing take 45-60 days (As low as -0- down)

-Last but not least a “Home Only Loan” which is essentially as it sounds, sometimes referred to as a “Chattel Loan”. This loan is for the home only however in some instances a smaller portion of the development costs may, at times be included depending on the lender, closing costs are traditionally MUCH cheaper and can be closed within a couple weeks under normal circumstances. (As low as 5% down)

WE CAN GET ANY CREDIT SCORE AND ANYONE FINANCED so long as you have qualifying income, meet debt ratios and down payment requirements!


“Ocala Custom Homes has established relationships with the following finance companies!”

Triad Financial Services – 1-800-522-2013

Conventional, Land Home, Land and Lieu and Chattel (credit score minimum 575)


21st Mortgage – 1-800-955-0021

Conventional, Land home, Land and Lieu and Chattel – ANY CREDIT SCORE- LOW SCORES OK


CrossCountry Mortgage – 1-863-877-3341

FHA, VA, Conventional and Chattel (Credit Score minimum  620)




CASCADE – 1-480-530-2174


Conventional, Land home, Land in Lieu, Chattel, FHA, VA (Credit Score minimum 575)


First Federal – 904-604-5840



Conventional, FHA, VA (Credit Score Minimum 640)


Country Place – 352-601-7452



Chattel (Credit Score Minimum 620)


Rates, requirements and terms are subject to change by all above listed lenders